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M Secure Lock for Windows 2000,2003,NT,XP,Vista,Seven(7)
M Secure Lock 2.1 can lock, hide any number of files, folders, pictures and documents in seconds.
It is fast, reliable, portable and convenient.M Secure Lock provides the convenience of protecting all files and folders simple drag and drop (using drop window).
Protected files and folders are undeletable, unrenamable, unmovable, hidden(optional), locked and totally inaccessible.
It locks all your files and folders on kernel level, Windows Explorer and even real DOS Mode, protects files from theft, privacy breaches and data losses, hides files from kids, friends and co-workers,
safeguards them from viruses, trojans, worms and spyware, secures from network computers, cable users and hackers when you are on the internet, even prevents illegal copy or deletion of your material.
Files can also be protected on portable devices like USB Flash Drives using USB Secure part(New), CD-RW and floppy disks.
There is no limit to the number or format of files and folders you can protect. M Secure Lock also lets you protect data on all types of portable devices.
Even you can use USB Secure part to lock your files and folder on USB devices to do it you should copy your files and folder to your USB storage and lock them then you can enter correct password to open your locked files and folders and any body
eed to know your password to access your personal data(s) and it giving you the power to take your personal data from one computer to another without risking data theft.
he program saves your RAM by not running in the background and also don't create a service on your computer so your computer is very fast as before. It uses a new technique to lock data(s) this technique is new and very secure.
ocked files remain private even if the laptop is lost or stolen. M Secure Lock 2.1 is fully portable(USB Secure part), stable, secure, fast, cheap, easy and fun to use.

Why M Secure Lock 2.1 ?
-USB Secure part to lock your USB Storages (Hot & New)
-Lock your files ,folders at Windows Kernel Level
-Hide your files ,folders at Windows Kernel Level
-Your files and folders can't be accessed in both windows explorer and Dos mode
-You can lock GBs (even Terabytes) of files and folders in two seconds.
-Can protect any format of files
-when you lock your files or folders on a network your files and folders will be protected from run, delete, copy, rename, change, virus, trojan and ...
-Make a protected drive for your personal files and data
-Very simple UI (User Interface) , User Friendly
-Beautiful interface
-Drop window to lock both files and folders super fast (Also for very high size folders)
-Compatible by new version of windows (Vista And Seven included)
-Super fast speed and secure
-Using this technique windows help you to protect your files!
-Your files and folders will be locked at any other windows also!
-Very low size
-Site Licenses for M Secure Lock 2.1 has very low cost and any company can purchase it for only as : 120$

Purchase Program
All payment types are supported.
After purchase in less than 1 minute your license key is available at your email address!!!So only you need to purchase software in 'Secure' pages (SSL) and do transaction using any type or payments and enter your email in specified field (in purchase steps) and get program license key in less than 1 minute after purchase and enjoy software.

Purchase Benefits :
- Very low cost : Only 14.50$ (USD).You need to pay more than this price to purchase other locker softwares.
- Remove trial limits (15 Times)
- Free technical support
- Get all new minor updates for free

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