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ABMYSQL with a simple configuration will create Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly backups of one or more of your MySQL databases from one or more of your MySQL servers.
With our web service you can either pass a specific database to backup or choose to backup the whole database.

ABMYSQL is MySql Web Tool that runs scheduled backups of MySQL databases, runs backup, compresses and encrypts the backups, stores them on a secure network folder and also on your FTP server or in the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon, Box, OneDrive), you can removes old backups, and sends an email confirmation on the task's success or failure
This service is constantly updated, here the main features

Unlimited space for your backups
Compress the backup SQL files to a secured server
Automatically send backup to :
ABMYSQL (Unlimited space)
FTP Server
Google Drive
Backup Planning (simple or advanced) :
Hour (or every hour)
Day of the week (or every day of the week)
Months of the year (or every month of the year)
Day of the month (or every day of the month)
Unlimited size databases are supported
High-speed backup and restore databases
Work by web service = no installation or configuratio : easy to use
Backup files manager and log
Backup MySQL views
Backup the selected databases and tables from a server or a database to the other
Restore databases from SQL and compressed files
Each file contains all databases or a selected database or a selected table
Email Notice Script is supported if a task failed or an error occured
Backup all newly-created databases and tables on the MySQL server automatically
Character sets are supported : UTF8, UCS2, LATIN1 and all
Storage engines and table types are supported : InnoDB, MyISAM, BDB and all
Field types are supported : BLOB, DATE, DECIMAL and all
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