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Everyday error situations with LAN / WLAN & UMTS - Easy Solution

The desktop workplace of today is mobile: Whether in the office, on the road or at home - with a change of location of the user from his notebook expected to availability at different interfaces can be used. This leads in practice often means that several network connections are active. "More is better" is unfortunately wrong here.

When using multiple existing interfaces (LAN / WLAN & UMTS), there is frequently the following error situations:
Slow network access, making the programs crash due to timeout.
No access to enterprise applications, in the worst case, the user gets no connection to the network.
No intrusion of a support employee possible.
Accidental bypassing established security restrictions within the company, such as closures for websites.

This is an avoidable cause to call IT support, which creates additional costs and time expenditures. Often a support professional must go on site to see the error and fix it.

The Connection Manager VERITAS DATA GmbH you ensure that only one interface is automatically active at, without the user even has to adjust something - or can.

All this relieves your support and make your devices more reliable and safer. The Connection Manager you can optionally install using a silent installation using a software distribution to selected computers.
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