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You may be a professional hardware or network engineer, or an university student making his first steps towards a professional career, or a gifted hardware lover illuminated by a new bright technical concept and looking for a handy utility for extending your application system. Whichever the case may be, look no further than OPC Scada Viewer, for it may well suffice all of your technical needs.

OPC Scada Viewer - OPC client program retrieves OPC data and shows it in real-time with help of various indicators. Data is showed in realtime, which allows you to use the utility for perm monitoring and control in various systems. Our application proffers many indicators for Showing the values of OPC values, from simple LED or led indicators to working motors or charts. It is possible to customize each indicator separately.

Key features:
* Various indicators for Various types of OPC values (fractions and logical values and strings);
* Creating various tabs with Dissimilar sets of indicators;
* Customizable visualization options for apiece indicator;
* Visual notifications when an OPC item exceeds the defined limits;
* Displaying the value of an OPC values with the help of of indicators;
* Automatically monitoring a connection to the server and keeping it alive;
* Using any image as the background image for indicators;
* Gets tags from OPC hosts simultaneously;
* Works on all Windows version starting from Windows 9x.
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