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Tired of searching for a shopping list application that will do everything you want? Do they have a complicated design and are too difficult to use, or too simple and no features? Quick2Shop is designed to address to bridge the gap and be just-right. It has a simple to understand interface - tick the items you need on the Trip List and tick them off in the Shopping View - just like you would do with a convential paper list. We believe Quick2Shop is one of the easiest shopping list applications to use. Just tick the items you need in the Trip List view, then when shopping, tick them again when you put them in your trolley. That's it! It's as easy as that! Quick2Shop is designed to be easy for first-time users, but also cater for the power-user who demands a range of features. However, it can do so much more, it's packed with all the standard features that you expect, but also bring some fantastic and exciting new features that truly make it unique and stand out from the crowd.All these features can be switched on by you only if you want them - so they don't get in the way. If you want them, switch them on, and if you don't, switch them off. Quick2Shop also supports square screens, as well as portrait and landscape screens and automatically adjusts itself to fit. Managing your items is a breeze with Quick2Shop. Included with the purchase is a FREE copy of Quick2Shop Desktop Edition which gives you access to all the features of the Pocket PC Edition and more! Manage your lists on your desktop and synchronise them to your PDA, or vice-versa. Create budgets, analyse your spends, monitor price history of an item all from the desktop. Of course, Quick2Shop can import lists from CSV files and if you've used Shop Assistant, don't worry, Quick2Shop will happily read your shopping lists. Quick2Shop supports international currencies as well as coupon support.
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