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SFXMagic is a program that generates sound effects and music in .wav file format. Sounds are generated by creating instruments from customisable wave forms, creating patterns which are a group of notes played by a given instrument, and creating a song, which is an arrangement of patterns.

Just about any sound can be produced by an SFXMagic instrument by tweaking the given parameters:

- The attack, sustain and decay of a instrument's pitch and/or volume.
- The "smoothing" and "unsmoothing" of waveforms.
- Chorus and/or echo.

And patterns/songs can be arranged by taking advantage of some of these features:

- Preview of the song or a single pattern or a single bar.
- Choice of wave file quality (can select bit rate/sample rate/mono or stereo).
- Simple copy/move/add/delete of notes/bars/patterns.

No musical knowledge is required to use SFXMagic - try the "sample.sfxm" file to see what it is capable of. A comprehensive help file is also included.
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