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XPower++, the fastest and simplest way to build Native, Instant and/or Live Applications for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, and Mobile Devices. Dramatically reduce coding time and build applications 5x faster and 10x easier. XPower++ provides component-based visual development and a fully visual RAD IDE with high performance access to databases.

Deliver fast, native 32-bit and 64-bit cross platform games and applications
XPower++ enables you to write an app and compile it for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, and Mobile Devices without the need to recompile your project on the target platform, all executable binaries are created with one single compilation. You can also create mobile application for iPhone*, iPad*, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, and other phones with the new JAX/H5 technologies. Your native applications take advantage of the power and speed of the CPU and GPU and it's all done with the simplicity of component-based visual development that saves you time.

Choose/Mix your development language
XPower++ supports the Basic++, C++, Java++, and Pascal++ language dialects, which gives you the flexibility to convert existing code and/or leverage existing resources. The learning curve of XPower++ is 2-4 hours for an experienced, and 8-12 hours for a novice programmer.

Deliver fast, native 32-bit and 64-bit games
XPower++ comes with a game library that is simplified to enhance productivity in game development, you can create 2D/3D games and deliver them as Native and/or as Live Applications.

Build applications and games that connect everywhere and always perform well
When you use XPower++, your applications optionally get built-in high-speed connectivity to the Grid++ System, which ensures your applications always perform at maximum power. You never have to worry about delivering your applications again, just publish it on the Grid++ System and your users will enjoy your application with a great performance and experience, anytime, anywhere.

Stay Green with Grid++ Technology
XPower++ is the first and only IDE that supports the development of green applications that run with green power provided by the Grid++ System. So be cool and help cool down the earth!

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